Title: Human (Acoustic)

Artist: The Killers

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SHOCK-HORROR, HALLELUJAH [a mix for nameless saints and self-made gods] | listendownload 

i. abraham’s song (bibio remix) → dm stith
ii. flickers → son lux
iii. ice & the storm (dm stith remix) → my brightest diamond
iv. leave the riches (violetness remix) → son lux
v. pity dance → dm stith
vi. you are the blood → sufjan stevens
vii. y → iamamowhoami
viii. pyre → the revival hour 

i think people are important. i think people have more power than gods in holy texts, and i also think they’re capable of more love and compassion.

i believe in magic because i think storytelling is magic. i think we can shape our world however we want if we put enough of ourselves into it. i believe in even exchanges with the universe even if we don’t always make even exchanges with one another. i think rituals can be good for the soul. i think believing something has power absolutely gives it power

i think the ocean is really big and there’s power in it, and i think the same thing about the wind and about dirt. i don’t think the power is necessarily accessible, i think it’s just there because there are some things people will never be able to control. i think that’s nice, knowing some things will always be bigger than me.

i think i’m the center of my universe, and i’m sort of magical, and i like it that way.


since a few people asked, here are my brushes i use most!


and you said darkness, yeah.

Title: Pompeii / Safe And Sound

Artist: Bastille and Capital Cities

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Honey Whiskey Lemonade

Colonization does not, after all, affect people only economically. More fundamentally, it affects a people’s understanding of their universe, their place within that universe, the kinds of values they must embrace and actions they must make to remain safe and whole within that universe. In short, colonization alters both the individual’s and the group’s sense of identity. Loss of identity is a major dimension of alienation, and when severe enough it can lead to individual and group death. When an individual’s sense of self is… distorted by the impact of contradictory points of view, colonization and its terrible effects will not be assuaged by mere retention of land rights and economic self-sufficiency.