amillionthingsicouldsay whispered: You say you're against liberal feminism. What does that mean? How do you define "liberals" or "liberal feminists/feminism"?


I’m against liberal feminism because I’m against liberalism. I’m a socialist, I don’t think we can achieve liberation from men in in a capitalist society even one with regulations. 

Liberal feminism doesn’t really threaten the status quo and doesn’t commit. It believes that the most effective way for women to stop being oppressed is through the state - legal methods. It doesn’t see the state as an inherently violent patriarchal tool in of itself and reforming an inherently violent patriarchal tool can only take us so far. 

Of course its important to focus on the world we live in now and ideological purity at the expense of how I actually live is ridiculous. 

Lberal feminism believes that the problem isn’t that men have the power to hurt and abuse, but rather than women don’t also have access to that power (eg: defending Hillary Clinton who supports imperialist policies in the global south, being super thrilled about women who break through the glass ceiling to own car companies that cover up murder).

Liberal feminism wants women to have access to the same power as men. I don’t. I think the power and societal advantages men have are born via violence are not exactly what I think a just world needs.

Liberal feminism views equality as a step-by-painful-step process of an individual woman (particularly white, Western women) stepping on the backs of other women to get more power and has this weird belief that sisterhood will make them turn around and help someone else up instead of safeguarding their own power. 

Liberal feminism is individualistic. Liberal feminism is ineffective. Liberal feminism prioritizes certain women’s lives over others. Liberal feminism says things like “i’m not an angry lesbian hair feminist so you should take me seriously because I love men”. Liberal feminism says that it isn’t men they’re angry at but the patriarchy (exactly what is the patriarchy made of, ghosts???). Liberal feminism doesn’t name the problem and doesn’t see things as systemic.


cover this | 20 cover songs from varying artists [listen] x


❤ TRAILER HEART | a mix of songs used in movie trailers. epic. grandiose. absolutely breathtaking. a combination of my personal favorites plus tracks that you might recognize, indicated by the movie in parentheses. 

* Please excuse some of the artist titles on the mix since 8tracks has an artist limit and I am stubborn. Refer to the above list of songs for reference.

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no one does it bettersongs by boys covered by girls

1. sex on fire, beyoncé 2. take me to church, neon jungle 3. will you still love me tomorrow, sweet talk radio 4. give me love, demi lovato 5. wagon wheel, mal blum 6. valerie, amy winehouse 7. stay with me, florence + the machine 8. just a dream, taylor swift 9. rude, kina grannis 10. lego house, fifth harmony 11. ho hey, lennon and maisy 12. can’t help falling in love, ingrid michaelson 13. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you, kate nash 14. wicked games, couer de pirate 15. going home, pia mia 16. same love (freestyle), angel haze 17. get lucky, daughter 18. midnight city, the knocks 19. whatever you like, anya marina 20. make you feel my love, adele 21. teenage dirtbag, mary lambert 22. sex, lauren aquilina 23. counting stars vs. holy grail, little mix 24. what makes you beautiful, rita ora


Like the Devil Do // Twenty songs to dance to in the pale moonlight.

transmission from hell cradle of filth house of 1000 corpses rob zombie in the room where you sleep dead man’s bones when jesus come uncle sinner bottoms of the river delta rae the death song marilyn manson heresy nine inch nails my body’s a zombie for you dead man’s bones demon host timber timbre forever loves decay death in junebartholomew the silent comedymaneater blue eyed blondes god’s gonna cut you down johnny cash i hear satan dax riggs me and the devilsoap&skin in the branches the builders and the butchers lonesome hunter timber timbre the long black veil johnny cash

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Chanel SS 2009

Baptiste Giabiconi


NOUVELLE VAGUE (by Ebba Zingmark)


L I S T E N } { Failed that test? Can’t fit your jeans? Cleaned the drain and your hand collided with the drenched corpse of a rat this morning? If you can’t fix your life, you can at least give it a cheerful soundtrack. So crank up the volume and forget the small worries you’re clinging to, because you’re the raddest and you deserve today with a cherry on top }


Different Smokey Eyes


MARAUDERS[listen here[download here| (a mix for youth in the face of war; for days where they bite the bullet between the teeth, when the choice between the head and the heart becomes too much, when friendship becomes the only saviour)

i. wires - the neighbourhood | ii. statues - alexandre desplat | iii. ms - alt-j | iv. impossible - band of skulls | v. friends- band of skulls | vi. meyrin fields - broken bells | vii. pa pa power - dead man’s bones | viii. dog days are over - florence and the machine | ix. good times gonna come - aqualung | x. take me out - franz ferdinand | xi. when you were young - the killers | xii. be somebody  - the killers | xiii. float on - modest mouse | x. napoleon says - phoenix